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 MediaNet Inc. designs custom
 online merchant stores..
 Our carts can be customized
 for your-commerce solution..
 Carts are scalable and support
 unlimited  products. Whether
 you are in need of a new
 merchant store, or need an e--
 commerce solution to embed 
 in your current web site, we
 can design a solution to meet
 your business needs..


 Browser based
 Scalable for thousands of
 Intuitive Shopping Cart Interface

 Product spreadsheet upload       

 Custom design services

 Customer Account Information

 Credit Card Processing
 Integrated phone sales module
 with interfaced web product
 inventory control in "real time.
 E-document sales and uploading
 Upload and sell E-Books
   and product Instruction modules

 Media sales categories
     for uploaded download

 Integrated shipping and postage
   calculator with optional "in
   house" postage printing feature
 Real time website inventory
  control and alerts
 Browser based product
   administration and maintenance
 Product category and attributes
       information management
 Product photo upload

 Coupon creation & generation
 Customer Email Receipt
       Store Sales Receipt

 Publishers & Advertisers

       Sell and Buy Ads

Monetize Web Ads
                       with the
    QuickSell Cart

 Publishers... sell and control
 your website ad space inventory.
 Maximize your revenue.
 Expose ad space inventory to
 millions of advertisers.

No fees to open an account.
No fees to post “Ad Package” space for sale.
Establish fees for your valuable ad space.
Ad management & seamless ad delivery.
Ad space management dashboard.
Receive monthly revenue on the 15th of month
Approval process to validate ad space purchase.

 Advertisers... Control your
  online  ad campaign costs.
  Focus ad campaigns on ad
  channels to increase return on
  investment. Purchase Web ad
  space inventory made available
  by publishers.
  Insert products to sell into your
QuickSell Cart Ads
No fee to open account.
Unlimited clicks and
One set price for ad
on sites.
Easy campaign    
management dashboard.
Sell products instantly with QuickSell
Cart Ads.
Seamless posting, and
delivery of ads.
Deliver your ads, coupons, news and sale alerts.

  Online and point of sale
   credit card processing

 We provide merchants with the
 lowest available credit card
 processing  costs. Our Online
 and in-store card processing
 services are provided by Pinnacle
 Processing Group of Seattle

      Check out our website


 where e offer cost effective
 solutions and information for
 merchants seeking credit card

 Our goal ? To provide merchants
 with the lowest available credit
 card processing. We provide
 e-commerce merchants
 and brick & mortar merchants
 with processing value and

 Solutions for online stores

Designing a website and
 integrating a merchant shopping
 cart with credit card processing
 may be a daunting challenge
 for a merchant.
 We provide consulting and
 project management services
 to get the job done.
 Coupled with our support
 services we can provide a one
 stop solution for your
 e-commerce needs.

    Project Development

 Unique needs call for unique 
 web solutions and custom
 applications can precisely match
 process to function…including   
 development of database 
 applications and media web

 MediaNet Inc. develops Internet-
 based software and systems that
 are customized to client
 specifications. Since we design
 systems around unique business
 processes, we are able to
 strategically match process to
 functionality, delivering the
 capabilities and features that are 
 immediately useful and that
 derive value.

 Custom applications exist in a  
 variety of forms and the
 development process covers 

everything from initial
 requirements gathering, to
 development and deployment.
 Unlike off-the-shelf software,
 custom solutions enable our
 clients to determine the features
 and functions that they desire.

 Our application development is
 a process oriented approach
 from requirements gathering and
 analysis to creative concept
 creation, coding, and testing.
 Our process is designed to
 minimize risk and enable
 effective application deployment.

 Our application developers
 employ proven techniques for
 building systems that take
 advantage of the Internet. We are
 committed to continual learning
 and refinement of processes as
 new ideas are developed and
 new technologies are released.

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